Business Space for Rent in New Bedford, MA

Business Space for Rent in New Bedford, MA

Kilburn Mill at Clarks Cove has opportunities for most all ventures, we specialize in business rentals. Give Chris a call at (774) 992-8880 or reach out to us through our Contact form. We will get right back to you and set up a tour to show you many possibilities.


■Apex Fitness– S1-101

■Kelly Zelen – S1-103

■Out of the Box Architecture – S1-104

■Vleck Dizzy Eagle Trading Co. – S1-105

■Josh Sylvia – S1-106

■Roland Morgan Antiques- S1-108 & S1-114

■Get Fit with Marrianne – S1-109

■TUS Technologies- S1-110

■Yogaguru– S1-111

■Gates of Hope – S1-115

■Marc & Christina Stevens – S1-117

■Elizabeth Cordeiro – S1-119

■Ray’s stripping and Refinishing – S1-120

■Patio DeMiranda– S1-122

■Scott Kruger – S1-124

■McCann & Sons Painting– S1-125

■Balloontastic Events – S1-126

■Security Supply– S1-127

■Celis & Sons Handy Man Services – S1-129

■Nicole Lugo-  S1-130

■Fine Line Construction – S1-131

■Susan Maloney – S1-132

■Paul Cordeiro-  S1-133

■Fred/Kathleen Gregory – S1-134

■Primo Studios – S1-138

■Carol Kaucha-Stone – S1-139

■KJ Designs – S1-142

■Intarawut – S1-145

■Julio Texeira – S1-147

■Lawrence Jamison– S1-149

■U.S. Marine Products LLC – S1-151

■Kye Thatcher–S1-153

■Southcoast Storm II S1-154

■Cotter Hospitality S1-155

■WNB ONE Radio– S1-156

■Christina Amaral – S1-174

■Bath Glass Shower Doors– S1-175

■Melanie and Kevin Sousa– S1-182


■Svetlana Bivens– S2 -001

■Shawn Toolin– S2-007

■Harley Silva– S2-011

■Kelly Cabral-Mosher– S2-015

■Brea Pinette– S2-019

■Torrow Studios LLC- S2-038

■Julia Simoes – S2-042

■Art Pereira – S2-044

■Audrey Rae Brow– S2-045

■Noah Barrett  – S2-046

■Joshua Bjornson– S2-049

■Seal Rose Accounting Inc. S2-056

■Cipriani Construction Consulting– S2-058

■Guadalupe Galloza– S2-060

■Mademoiselle Couture – S2-061

■Everett and Jan Macomber– S2-063

■Jenna Andrade– S2-064

■Digital 2000 – S2-065

■Megan Thomas S2-066

■Nancy Nagel– S2-067

■Southcoast Publishing  – S2-068

■Thomas Alves – S2-069

■Nilsa Garcia-Rey– S2-070

■Kat Kanutsen– S2-071

■Ramon Rodan – S2-072

■The Optum Group/dba Art Smart– S2-073

■Alma Cummings – S2-074

■United New Bedford Coalition– S2-075

■Cindy DaCosta – S2-076

■Nicole Corkum/ NB Negotiables– S2-078

■Pietro Chessa – S2-080

■North Woods Trading– S2-081

■Keturah Mitchell– S2-083

■Snow & Snow Law- S2-084

■Thermobind  – S2-086

■JW Steel Custom Canvas S2-086

Shimala Guitars – S2-090

■Boston Maki Studio – S2-091

■Ryan & Scully– S2-92

■Peter Locke – S2-93

■Hao Loi – S2-95

■A&M Dance – S2-97

■Alan Herman– S2-98

■Relax Massage – S2-099

■Phyllis Dobbyn Adams –  S2-101

■Stephanie Paige LMHC – S2-101

■Flip This Doll House – S2-102

■PACE / Youth Build– S2-104

■Bette Carney – S2-105

■Victor DaSilva S2-106

■Solshine Yoga – S2-107

■Spiritual Destiny – S2-109

■Dovetail Antiques– S2-115

■Team Builders – S2-116

■Judith Klein Art Gallery – S299