Kilburn Mill at Clarks Cove is pleased to announce that new Artisan spaces are available for rent now in a renovated wing of the building.

The Kilburn Artisan Center will feature 200 square foot studios for only $299 / month. Heat, prorated electric, and parking are included. Also, enjoy new LED lights – but historic hardwood floors.

The Kilburn Artisan Center is designed for creative people who need to get out of the garage or basement at home. Renting a space also means enjoying use of a Community Meeting Room where meaningful creative collaboration can happen.

And of course, your security is assured at Kilburn Mill at Clarks Cove. The building features security doors and cameras, even as you are able to access your space 24/7. So, you know your work, material and tools will be safe.

The Kilburn Artisan Center officially opens on July 1 – but spaces have been claimed already. Don’t hesitate! Claim yours today and come get busy at Kilburn Mill. Call us at 781-858-4553 to schedule a visit, or email us at