As we prepare to begin a new spring and then summer season, we here at Kilburn Mill at Clarks Cove thought we’d welcome you to our neighborhood. With some of the sights, sounds and events that make the south end peninsula by Clarks Cove such a fabulous place to live, work or play.

Kilburn Mill overlooking Clarks Cove, the Cove Walk and the city beach.

Kilburn Mill is like our neighborhood – undergoing a profound renaissance that is transforming this beautiful and historic space into a one-of-a-kind destination for all of South Coast.

Inside, we’re doing that in ways that are familiar to all those who have been following this journey with us. By repurposing this former textile mill by the sea in new and exciting ways, providing space for artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, unique retailers, community organizations and others to flourish. And, by hosting fun and exciting events like Comedy at the Cove and Kilburn Fights.

For the past few years, as we have worked to restore Kilburn Mill, our neighborhood has been keeping pace. A wonderful Cove Walk was installed atop New Bedford’s famed Hurricane Barrier right below our windows. Now, we watch as the community jogs, bikes or strolls by every day.

Outside and all around us, a transformation is happening that is inspiring us. The south end peninsula is a treasured part of the City of New Bedford – home to Forts Taber and Rodman, Hazelwood Park and graceful municipal beaches.

Nearing completion is a complete reimagining of Rte. 18 from downtown right to Cove Street, a few blocks from where we are. This thoughtful urban design helps connect the south end to the city center and, for visitors from out of town, makes for a pleasant drive from I-195 to this beautiful part of the city.  

You will soon be able to rent kayaks at the West Beach Boathouse steps from our front door…

Just last month, New Bedford announced a new plan to invest in the West Beach boathouse right down the street from us. Soon, you’ll be able to rent water paddles and kayaks not too far from our front entrance. (It’s a nice way to spend a lunch hour for anyone renting in Kilburn Mill!)

On the last Sunday of the month in May and the next months through September, the insanely popular Reggae on West Beach summer music series returns to the West Beach Pavilion. Launched just two years ago, it draws hundreds down to our neighborhood throughout the summer. We love that we can hear the reggae styles of rocksteady, roots, rubadub, and dancehall wafting down the beach to us!

Kilburn Mill at Clarks Cove is aptly named – we are part of the amazing fabric of the community that hugs the shoreline. And we’re excited that Kilburn, with its renowned Antiques Center, Artisan Center and stunning event space has become a community hub as well as South Coast destination.

So, come visit us and spend time in our neighborhood this spring, all summer long and beyond. We welcome you – and invite you to become part of the amazing journey the south end peninsula of New Bedford is embarked on into the future.